Terms & Conditions

Cotswold Caboodle is a hire company. The following terms and conditions for product hire applies;

Full payment is required two weeks prior to hire of the products. Full payment of the amount agreed between customer and Cotswold Caboodle will be required. A deposit of 40% of the total amount is due on booking. This deposit is non-refundable.A 40% damages deposit is due on booked which is refundable if no damages occur. 

The hire period of time will also be established and agreed before the products are hired out. By hiring products from Cotswold Caboodle you are engaging in an agreement not to keep the products for any longer period of time.

Failure to return products to Cotswold Caboodle will be a criminal offence under the Theft Act 1968. The return date/time of the products will be pre-arranged before the hiring of any products. The hirer therefore cannot dispute this once the products are hired out.

The location for which the products are being hired to will also be arranged prior to the hire agreement. Any change in location should be discussed before purchase of the hire.

The hirer undertakes full responsibility to keep the hired products in good condition and order. The hirer is responsible for returning the products to Cotswold Caboodle in such order and conditions. Any damage or loss to products then the hirer will be charged the full replacement value for each damaged/lost product and the 40% damages deposit will be kept. There is a requirement for the hirer to pay for this damage/loss within 14 days from the day of the damage/loss. The hirer is liable to pay for this. The above charge will also be incurred if the products are permanently changed, altered or adapted in anyway.

The hirer takes full responsibility for the hired products for the agreed hire period of time. If products are damaged, lost, altered, changed or adapted by a guest or another party at an event then the hirer will still take full responsibility for the state of that hired product. The risk of damage or loss to the products hired at any event are the responsibility of the hirer.

The hire of the products is terminated once the hired products have been returned to Cotswold Caboodle.

Cotswold Caboodle with aim to deliver and collect all hired products at the time/date arranged and agreed. Under no circumstances with Cotswold Caboodle be liable for any delay in delivery or collection or failure to deliver or collect. Cotswold Caboodle will also not be liable to any further expense caused to the hirer during their period of hire for the products.

All complaints made to Cotswold Caboodle will be forwarded to the company owner and a reply, discussion or solution will be at the discretion of the owner in accordance to full jurisdiction and law of the court system within England and Wales.

Deposits for all hires will be non-refundable. Hire fees will be based on the agreed price and again will be non-refundable. Complaints will be accepted and enquiries into the complaints will be made as to whether a return of the paid fee should be returned.